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Soothing Mint Dry Mouth Lozenges

With a soothing mint flavor and Xylitol, new ACT® Dry Mouth Lozenges soothe dry mouth on-the-go.

Did you know that dry mouth affects 10% of all adults and 25% of those over 65?1Douglas, L. M. Managing Xerostomia. Vital 6, 32-34 (1 March 2009), doi: 10.1038/vital944

New ACT® Dry Mouth Lozenges are specially-formulated with Xylitol and:

  • Soothe Dry Mouth
  • Moisturize Mouth Tissue
  • Freshen Breath

Learn MoreCauses of Dry Mouth, also known as Xerostomia, include medication use, auto-immune diseases and head and neck radiation treatment. about the leading causes of Dry Mouth.

*Does not contain fluoride.

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